Unit 2 sociology revision

This could be linked to the fact that women are becoming more independent. Sociologists - Unit 2 sociology revision that people are driven by forces beyond their control and that social forces carry more weight than natural behaviour or psychological explanations.

Inadequate socialisation is what causes deviancy. Another criticism would be to say that today where there seems to be less oppression from the higher classes and where there seems to be less control from the ruling class and more oppertunities, why is there still an increase in black or ethnic minority crime than that of white crime.

The elaborated code is used in education, by teachers, exam, textbooks, university interviewers etc, and this gives the middle-class an educational advantage. For instance Hall claims that there was a moral panic over the increase of black muggings and that black people were seen to be criminal, but then says that more black people than white people commit crime because black people and ethnic minorities are more likely to in situations where crime may be necessary.

Unit 1 – Education with Methods in Context

Analysis of data 6marks - Explain what your data shows 3. Walklate found that certain people are more likely to become crime victims than others: It usually stays within the company as it is not a threat to the public. For instance with reference to Item B, the risk of being a victim of racially motivated crime was higher for ethnic minority groups.

Retrieved month day, year, from http: They believe that freedom in society leads to deviance and unruly behaviour. Guidelines Internal Assessment General Guidelines for the Internal Assessment This section will provide students with a general guideline for the structure of their Internal Assessment.

This is called relative deprivation. In the decade where this happened the ruling class hegemony was restored. Paul Willis studied school boys at a comprehensive UK school calling them the 'lads'.

Sociology of Education Quiz

It is not plausable that they would only be racist to one ethnic group rather than them all. The rich capitalists dominate the media and set the agenda. By this happening caused a self fufilling prophecy which made them act out more. Douglas argues that working-class parents show less interest in thier children's education and give them less support; e.

If we take a real life example we can see that a white family in america with an adopted black son called the police because they had been robbed and the burglur was still in the house.

This led to police crackdowns. Pluralists The audience is the most important influence on the media. They apparently made fun of those who worked hard and aspired to manual jobs.

This way the ruling class can maintain their rule without question. They believe that a group who disagrees with norms may disrupt society. Three forms of encoding are used which are acoustic, visual and semantic.Unit 2: Sociology and the human being - cards Unit 2: Topic 1 Class Differences in Achievement - 21 cards Unit 2: Topic 2 Class Differences in Achievement - 20 cards.

Unit 1 Overview of CAPE SOCIOLOGY UNIT 1 Cape Sociology Unit 1 This Unit is divided into three Modules: Module 1 covers the area dealing with Sociology: Sociology the Discipline Methods of Research Origins of Caribbean Sociology Culture: What is Culture?

Enjoy your revision - plan ahead, rest regularly and eat adequately. Posts about AS Unit 2 – Education written by Sam Cook. Achievement within education is very varied across cultures, with some such as Chinese and Indian students performing above the average, and African-Caribbean and Pakistani students performing well below average.

GCE Sociology v3 The Four-Unit Advanced GCE From September the Advanced GCE is made up of two mandatory units at AS and two further units at A2.

Sociology Unit 2

These A2 units are also externally assessed. The Advanced GCE specification also focuses on the themes of power, control and social. Subcultural theories build upon the work of Merton.

A2 Unit 2 – Crime and Deviance

They say that deviance is the result of individuals conforming to the values and norms of a social group to which they belong, if you belong to a social group whose norms differ from those of the main society then you will become a deviant. UNIT 2 SOCIOLOGY REVISION EDUCATION SYSTEM FUNCTIONALISTS They look at all the positive sides of education and benefits.

They believe that every institution in society performs one function or the other in order to help society run smoothly.

Unit 2 sociology revision
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